What is conscious sedation ?

Conscious sedation dentistry allows dentists to create a safe and comfortable dental experience for patients who have avoided the dentist our of fear and anxiety, or have a large treatment plan they prefer to complete in one visit.

Dr. Stacey has been properly trained and certified, and has been offering his patients conscious sedation since 2008.  Dr. Stacey can effectively help a patient become comfortable and relaxed using a variety of sedation medications administered orally.  Sedative medication helps relax patients by slowing the action of the central nervous system.  People remain aware of their surroundings, but are less responsive to external stimuli, such as the sound of the drill or the smell of materials.  Each visit is customized to meet the patient’s emotional and dental needs.

Dr. Stacey and his staff have been properly trained to ensure each conscious sedation appointment is both safe and comfortable.