Does my insurance cover sedation dentistry?

Most insurance companies do not cover the conscious sedation fee.  The treatment being completed will be submitted to your insurance company, and payment from your insurance company will be accepted as payment on your account, however, any unpaid balances will be your responsibility.  Please see our financial policy for further information.

Will I be asleep?

Sedative medications help relax patients by slowing their central nervous system.  People remain aware of their surroundings, but are less responsive to external stimuli.  Some patients are sedated to an extent that makes them tired, and they fall asleep during their procedure.  We are equipped with the proper supplies to continue to work on patients while asleep.  If prompted, patients wake easily to respond to a question or command.  Most patients remain awake, alert, and relaxed, however, do not remember the day of their appointment once it has passed.

Can I drive myself home?

Patients who undergo conscious sedation cannot drive for 24 hours after their appointment.  It is necessary to find a friend or family member who is available to bring you to your appointment, and take you home immediately afterwards.  Medication will not be given if a patient drives themselves to their appointment. 

How will I feel afterwards?

Most patients feel groggy and tired for most of the day.  We advise patients to go home and relax for the remainder of the day.  Plenty of fluids and a healthy diet will speed the recovery process and get you back to feeling yourself again.

How long will my appointment be?

The length of your appointment varies depending on treatment being provided.  Some patients prefer conscious sedation if they have a large treatment plan, and they prefer to get it all done at once, therefore, their appointment will be longer as opposed to someone having sedation to have one tooth extracted.  The medication takes approximately 1- 1 1/2 hours to be effective once given sublingually (under the tongue) before treatment will begin.

Does my driver have to stay at the office during my appointment?

No ! Your driver must check in with us at our office at the beginning of the appointment, and provide us with a phone number they can be reached.  We will give them an estimated time to return, however, if you are done sooner than expected, they must be able to be reached by the phone number given.  When they return, they will be given post op directions and instructed to sign, stating they understand.

When is payment due?

The cost of the sedation fee, discussed at your consultation, is due before the day of your sedation appointment.  At your request, your driver may pay the sedation fee on the day of your appointment.